Jill is a wonderful massage therapist. Her treatments are a perfect balance of therapy and relaxation. Her touch is strong, but nurturing. She’s very warm and welcoming, creating a comfortable and safe environment. She always asks about specific needs and listens and adapts each massage accordingly. I leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and relaxed in my body and my mind.
— Katie M.S.
Jill is without a doubt the best massage I’ve ever had. She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed, and she can always tell if you want to chat or you need to have some quiet time to recharge. She has saved my body from the constant stress of working in an office, and I always feel better physically and mentally after seeing her. She even plays great music — no cheesy spa station here!
— Gord W.
Words I would use to describe the feels you give me...Therapeutic. Restorative. Aligned. Peaceful. Im fricken addicted to you. I feel a lot of love for you—you make me feel so good.
— Kim G.
Jill is the best. I have struggled with sciatica and lower back pain over the years. Regular massage has been a big part of my self care and has helped me immensely, as I am pretty active and play hockey twice a week. Every time a new challenge or injury arises, she has been able to help me. Massage also helps relieve all my stresses. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Jill.
— Randy T.
I started seeing Jillian when I was pregnant with my first child. She provided needed pain relief and relaxation of mind and body in a nurturing way. This is as true nine years later as it was then. I have always felt that Jillian is a caring therapist with a genuine interest in my well-being and health. She is attentive and knowledgeable with an easy communication style and exhibits mindfulness in each treatment.
— Allison. N.
Everytime you see Jillian, you can tell she genuinely cares about making you feel your best. I’ve been seen Jillian for several years, and I am always impressed by her ability to fully listen to whatever pain or discomfort I am feeling and the amount of knowledge she has to address any concern or injury.
— Michelle. B.